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IGN: 71Zombie
3 months ago

We've recently made an announcement in the Discord server, regarding some upcoming features of our server. This announcement here is to help explain and talk about some new features.




As we near closer to release, we are proud to announce invite rewards! These rewards will be given up until the servers release.


5 Invites - $5 Store

10 Invites - $10 Store

15 Invites - $15 Store

20 Invites - $20 Store

25 Invites - $25 store




Game modes



As we may have mentioned in the past, the official release servers will be Factions & Arcade. We do have more planned game modes and we are always open to suggestions. The arcade server will host a variety of small minigames you and your friends to play. Some of the new features we will be releasing with consist of Discord linking, Website linking, Friends system, Clans, Cosmetics, Trails, and much more! 








- 1.8.8 based

- New Cannon Jar (Significantly outperforms Wine for comparison)

- Amazing PVP mechanics

- Bounties

- Points


- Outpost

- Duels

- Amazing cannoning

- Invite rewards

- Amazing GKITS

- Crates and so much more


Faction rules & info will be posted closer to the TBD release date. As of now, we can say that this will be a very unique style of playing and we think it will make things extremely interesting.







If you haven't already, sign up for our Discord and our website!