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IGN: 71Zombie
about 1 month ago
Official Server Rules 

Disclaimers :

These rules are subject to change and you are responsible for keeping up with 
them. Every rule change will be logged within the changelog on the Discord server


•	Complicated situations caused by a potentially unclear rule will be handled on 
a case-by-case basis with judgement from the staff team. After a 
punishment is decided, a rule will most likely be revised or put forth in 
order to avoid a similar situation. 

•	Video proof will not always be sufficient. In some cases that can't be properly 
distinguished by video, a staff member must verify in-game that a rule is 
being broken. Video proof may lead to further investigation by the staff 

•	You are not allowed to bypass any of these rules in any way, including but not 
limited to alts or alt factions. Alts or alt factions bypassing these rules will 
result in punishment. 

•	You are susceptible to being screenshared at any given moment whilst playing 
on Manafia

•	A blacklist is not appealable once given. In extremely rare cases, a blacklist 
may be removed if deemed necessary by the staff team. Each blacklist is 
handled on a case-by-case basis. 

•	Be sure to scroll through all the way down, or navigate to each subsection 
with the panel on the left side of the page. 

•	We want you to have fun and provide the best environment on our server for 
you to play as possible. If you think a rule should be revised or added, 
please do not hesitate to post it in the Discord suggestions channel and or make a post on our website.
•	Breaking these rules may result in a strike for your faction, a ban, or potentially being 
disqualified from payouts. Staff will sometimes offer a warning before issuing a strike as 
an opportunity to correct and learn from the issue. These will be done on a case by 
case basis and will be based on severity. 

•	As per the official rules: attempted abuse of the rules, glitching, or otherwise attempting 
to bypass, break or manipulate the rules to your favor outside of the spirit they are 
intended may result in strikes, bans, and/or DQ's from payout based on severity. It is 
your responsibility to understand the rules and game mechanics well enough to know 
what is a glitch and what is not. 


•	You are allowed to advertise video content Related to Manafia

•	You are not allowed to advertise any media not approved by server 

Abusing Bugs/Exploits: 
•	You are allowed to abuse bugs to show staff or if it has been approved 
to use by staff. 

•	You are not allowed to knowingly abuse bugs in any other situation. 

Evading Punishments: 
•	You are not allowed to bypass punishments in any way. 

•	You are not allowed to use scripts to farm sugarcane, print cactus, 
fish, or any other form boosting your balance using a script. 

IRL Deals: 
•	You are allowed to purchase a package off the store in exchange for 
in-game items or in-game currency from another player. 
•	Scamming on either end of an irl deal is not allowed. While we 
cannot stop players from doing irl deals (Paypal, etc) for in game items/currency, 
we cannot protect players from being scammed in a deal that doesn't involve our 

Lying to Staff: 
•	You are not allowed to lie to staff. 

Inappropriate Builds/Names/Nicknames/Item Names/Skins: 
•	You are not allowed to build/nickname yourself/name items 
anything/or use skins that would be considered highly offensive/sexual. 
Refusal to Screen Share: 
•	You are not allowed to refuse a screen share. Doing such will result in a major punishment.

•	You are not allowed to chargeback or threaten to chargeback a store 

•	You are not allowed to harass other players or staff. 

Suicidal Encouragement:  
•	Any form of suicidal encouragement isn’t tolerated 

Disrespecting Staff: 
-Disallowed: You are not allowed to disrespect staff. 

Sharing Accounts: 
•	Allowed: While we cannot prevent players from sharing accounts with other 
players. If you choose to share your account with another player, anything that 
happens on that account becomes both players' responsibility. 

Arguing with Staff: 
•	Staff has the final say on anything. If you have a problem with a decision a staff 
has made you may report it to an administrator. 

Special Characters 

•	If you have to paste something into the chat or onto an item 
it's not allowed. 

Global Chat Rules 
•	You are not allowed to spam chat. 
•	You are not allowed to post any discord links in the general chat. 
•	You are not allowed to link to anything that would be considered 18+, offensive, 
or malicious (IP grabbers, etc). 
•	You are not allowed to send or threaten to send any personal information about 
yourself or another player. 
•	You are not allowed to threaten to DDoS the server/another player or staff 
•	You are not allowed to discuss anything that would be considered inappropriate 
or offensive. (drugs, illegal activities, etc) 
•	You are not allowed to threaten the server or another player with legal action. 
•	You are not allowed to bypass the chat filter. -No special characters. If you have 
to paste it from your clipboard then it's not allowed. 
Faction Rules 
Factions Strike System 

1 Strike - 10% of FTOP deducted
2 Strikes - 20% of FTOP deducted
3 Strikes - 30% of FTOP deducted 
4 Strikes - 50% of FTOP deducted
5 Strikes - 75% of FTOP deducted
6 Strikes - Disqualification from FTOP Completely

•	The whole point of Factions is to raid other Factions. Griefing other factions is allowed.

Base Rules: 
•	You are not allowed to have inappropriate content as your base art. 
•	You are allowed to have 4 anti nuke walls per side of your buffer.
•	You are only allowed 20 Gravel/Anvil/Sand walls per side of your buffer.
•	20 chunk buffer 
•	Extending past your base you are allowed a 20 chunk buffer of walls. You may 
not exceed the chunk buffer by any means. Doing so will result in the extra claims/walls 
being forcefully removed. You may have an extra 3 chunks of claims past your final wall. 
•	First-time offenders will be given a faction strike. Repeat offenders may be DQ'd from payouts.  Splitting Faction Value for /f top  Splitting up your Faction to get multiple prizes in /f top is not allowed and will result in both Factions being disqualified. Only 1 prize is allowed per Faction. Giving away money/items to a friend's Faction to help them win prizes is also not allowed. 

Bitch Claiming 
•	Claiming land with the sole purpose of disrupting another faction currently setting up 
their base is not allowed during grace. Bitch claims reported during the grace period will 
be removed. 
Corner Claiming 
•	A faction is only allowed to claim 1 corner. 
•	Scamming irl money and ingame items is not allowed. 
Cobble Monsters 
•	Creating cobblestone mountains is not allowed. 
Blocking spawners 
•	Spawners may not be covered in water/lava or other unbreakable blocks (obby, 
enchanting tables, etc). 

•	Autoclickers are not allowed on any server. This includes taping down keys/mouse//etc. 
Payout DQ's 
•	If your faction leader is banned for hacking or other severe reasons, the faction may be 
disqualified from payout. 
•	If your faction is found to have multiple hackers within it, it may be disqualified from 
•	Remaining balances on previously received gift cards may be voided if the Faction is 
•	First disqualification: Whole Map 
•	A DQED faction is not allowed to join another faction 
Active Raid 
•	A raid is considered active when the shooting faction is 5 or more walls into their base. 
•	You are not allowed to shoot at your own base to put yourself on active raid. If the 
raiders cannon gets blown in anyway after the raiders are 5+ walls in the defenders get 
a 20 minute grace period. 5 minutes into the grace period you can gen.  

Cannon Rules 

•	Your cannon can only shoot every 4 seconds.
A faction can only fire 1 cannon at a time while raiding a faction base or cannon box. If you need to switch cannons you have to wait 15 minutes.
•	A Faction can only raid one side of a base at a time.

Faction Names/Descriptions 

•	Faction Names and Descriptions must remain within the rules of our general chat 

•	Name sniping is also not allowed. If you are a proven owner of the faction from the 
previous faction season (prior seasons will be ignored), then you have the right to 
request your faction name be taken from whoever has it and be given back to you 
during the grace period only. 

Disallowed Cannons 

•	Roof cannons.
•	Phase Cannons.
•	Push Nuke Cannons.
•	Left/Right shooting cannons.
•	Wall Removers.
•	Clock or huge auto-sand comp plates.
•	Cannons that shoot faster than 4 seconds.
•	Any type of reverse cannon that shoots faster than 4 seconds.
•	Cannons that destroy two or more walls in one shot.

Lag Machines 
•	Any/All large Redstone circuits that generate lag will be removed. The factions or 
players found creating them may receive strikes or alternate punishments. 
•	Exception: Cannons are exempt from this lag machine rule as long as they follow 
cannon guidelines. Cannons found that do create large lag may be investigated as they 
have not been an issue previously and may be seen as an intentional bypass of this 

•	Trying to name your faction something inappropriate will result in a faction 
disband. Committing the offense more than once will result in a ban. 


illegal Modifications 
•	Any hacked client of any kind
•	Scripts (Anything that lets you move around automatically) 
•	Booter 
•	SmartMoveMod 
•	Raid Detector Mod 
•	TNT Detector Mod 
•	Reach Spoofer Mod
•	Autotool 
•	Auto-Switcher Mod 
•	Fancy Chat 
•	X-Ray 
•	Autoclickers
•	Pathfinder
•	Minebot
•	Fly boost 

Faction Members and Alt Accounts Rules:

•	Merging is only allowed during the grace period. Doing this after the grace period will result in a punishment
•	If a faction knowingly invites a blacklisted user their faction will be punished
•	The faction will be punished if their players are caught hacking
•	Faction alts must be identified via /f alt

•	These rules can be changed at any time without warning.
•	A factions crime will fit the punishment.
•	Factions only qualify for FTOP if they have been registered on the website and Discord.